1. It’s in the mirror.
    Look closely at the image. The real treasure is YOU. You don’t have to search further. In the cemeteries is buried an enormous treasure of untapped potential—people who never realized their worth. How sad. Don’t be one of them. Dig into your potential and use it.
  2. It’s in the love you receive.
    Cherish the love you receive. To be loved is truly a treasure because love is patient, it’s kind, it always trusts, it always protects, it always perseveres, and it never fails.
  3. It’s in the present.
    The gift of time is a treasure. You have been blessed with all the yesterdays but they are gone. You have today. Today is the greatest gift of time because it’s here….now…THE PRESENT. Appreciate it and use it wisely.
  4. It’s in your mind.
    A contented mind is a hidden treasure. Troubles cannot conquer it. Learn to be content with what you have.
  5. It’s in every problem.
    Within every problem is something of value—a treasure. Dig into every problem and draw forth good. Learn from mistakes. Grow from trials. Work through tough times and become stronger.
  6. It’s in happiness.
    To experience happiness is one of the greatest treasures on earth. And the most valuable happiness is being happy with who you are and not who people think you should be.
  7. It’s in your heart.
    Where your heart is you will find your treasure. Search your heart and you will find the things that are important to you…..the things you treasure.
  8. It’s in your memories.
    The greatest moments in your life so far are now memories. When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Treasure your memories.
  9. It’s in the people you love.
    The people who mean the most to you are priceless treasures. They add value to your life. They give purpose to your being. Cherish each person you love and find ways to show it.
  10. It’s in life.
    The greatest treasure of all is life itself. It’s a free gift from your Creator. But it comes with a time limit. So cherish it while you have it. Use it but don’t abuse it. Never take it for granted. There are no second chances.


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