Every once in a while a person needs “a silly day” where you just do something off the wall. You let go of all the world’s craziness and the long “to do list” and you do something that’s just plain silly. Trust me, it’s cathartic. I’m having one of those silly days and if you’re having one also, try one of these silly suggestions. 
1. When you’re at the grocery store and the bagger says “Paper or plastic?” say “Yes, thank you, I will.”
2. Call a friend and when the friend answers say, “What did you want?”
3. The next time you go to the doctor’s office and the receptionist says, “What’s your date of birth?” look around the room and then lean down and whisper to the receptionist “Actually I wasn’t born. I was hatched out of one of those pod things, but for the life of me I an’t remember the date. Can you please look it up on your computer?”
4. The next time you see a bunch of joggers go by, point to the joggers and yell, “Oh my gosh, look, that jogger’s leg is about to cramp.”
5. When you see a lady walking her dog, whisper to someone loud enough for the lady to hear, “Seeing that dog reminds me I need to ask the vet for some worm medicine.”
6. Get into a crowded elevator and say to the person next to you but loud enough for all to hear, “I just went to the doctor and she says I”m still contagious but I know better. Why, I haven’t coughed for several....” stop and let out a huge cough. Then say, “I guess the doctor was right.”
7. As you’re leaving the dentist’s office and walking through the waiting room, say “I can’t believe he pulled the wrong tooth.”
8. The next time the cashier in a fast food restaurant gives you a dull look and says, “What’s your order?” ask the person, “Do you deliver?”
9. Call a detective agency and when the person answers, whisper into the phone, “Is there someone there who could secretly follow me for a few days?”
10. Take a piece of paper, write any three numbers on it (such as 430), fold it, put it in envelope, and seal it. The next time you go to a restaurant, look for an interesting person still eating, stop at that person’s table, give the person the envelope and say, “Wait ten minutes and then open this. They said you will know what to do,” then leave.

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