The doorbell rang and the
small, elderly lady went
to the door and opened it.
There stood three volunteer workers
soliciting money for town charities.
The little lady sighed and went
to her cookie jar in the kitchen.
She looked in the jar and saw
five wrinkled one dollar bills
and seventy five cents in change.
She reached in and grasped the
five ones and then hesitated.
She looked at the seventy-five cents,
sighed, and then took them as well.
She went back the door and said,
”Here’s $5.75 for the charities.”
One of the volunteers said to the lady,
”Your neighbor just gave us $20.00.”
The little lady was silent for a moment,
and then said to the volunteers,
”I can see that you think her gift is better
than mine because she gave more.
But you see, she told me she received
$500 in the mail yesterday.
She gave you just $20.00 of that money.
I gave you all I had.
I can do no more.”
True happiness does not result from
what you have, but from what you give.
You become selfish when you live for
your own pleasure instead of sharing
what you have with others.
It’s not what you get or own
in life that’s important,
it’s what you GIVE.

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