Here’s good news.
When you were born you were given
a bag full of talents.
The talents inside the bag
are uniquely yours
and are give to you to use
throughout your entire life.
The talents are God’s gift to you.
How you choose to use your talents
is your gift to God.
Here’s more good news.
Your purpose in life
comes from inside the bag.
You don’t have to search for it.
You simply discover your purpose
when you find ways 
to use the talents in the bag
to enrich the lives of others
and improve the world around you.
That gives your life purpose.
That’s your gift back to God.
Emptiness in life comes 
when you fail to use your talents,
when you neglect, hide, or bury your talents,
when you withhold what you could give to others.
Fulfillment in life comes when 
you are generous with your talents
and others benefit.
And ultimate Celebration comes
when your life is done
and your bag is completely
Your talents have all been used.
May your journey in life
be a gracious one.

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