As mentioned in an earlier post, I enjoy writing about the Alphabet Children in Miss Prim’s middle school class.  Earlier I wrote about Humphrey Higgins Hook, a boy who refused to read a book. Today, I’m sharing about little Pixie Piggle who tried hard not to giggle.  If you’re like me, you can identify.


PIXIE PIGGLE giggled when she should not.

The more she tried not to, the worse it got.

When Mayor May came to school one day

To give a talk on safety while at play,

Pixie Piggle giggled at what he had to say.

The mayor was bothered when Pixie giggled

His large nose twitched and his long ears wiggled.

He simply could not, would not her giggles ignore.

So Pixie Piggle was promptly guided out the door,

to be lectured and disciplined by Principal Bore,

which made Pixie Piggle giggle all the more.

Many people giggle when they should not.

Actually, it happens quite a lot

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