I grew up in the ‘50s, those nostalgic “happy days.” Eight sisters and brothers and two parents on a little farm with dogs, cats, chickens, cows and pigs. Those years are etched in my heart forever. We had nothing, yet we had everything. We had little entertainment, yet we were entertained. We had outdoor movies, ice cream socials, fish fries, hayrides, and hot dogs roasted over a blazing bonfire. We were joined often by friends and relatives who lived near and our times together were rich and full. We sat and talked and laughed a lot and sometimes cried. We … Continue reading ALL LIVES NEED MENDING


Someone once told me I was slow…..and it made me feel dumb. I heard someone say I was awkward….and I started feeling self-conscious. I once heard someone say I was not attractive…..and I began to feel ugly. I overheard someone say I had no talent…..and I felt like I was a zero. I once was told I would never succeed….and I felt hopeless. And over the years I gradually became…..the person others told me I was. I BELIEVED THEM. Then one day I met a wise person who said, ”My friend, listen to me. You are not who you think … Continue reading I’M NOT WHO I THOUGHT I WAS


Sometimes when I’m feeling small and dealing with hurts and struggles, I remember what someone once told me. STUDY THE TREE Notice how TALL it stands. How proud it is to be a tree. In spite of what it faces, It grows stronger each day. it’s well grounded with roots reaching deep. And it knows it’s no use trying to be a tree it isn’t. It’s simply content to be the tree it was meant to be. Sometimes it stands in a group, but it can survive even it it has to stand alone. It knows it’s unique It knows … Continue reading STAND TALL


Little things help me soar. A friendly smile lifts me off the ground. A few words of encouragement keep me soaring all day. One small act of kindness will put me in the clouds. A warm hug will  inspire me and  give  me  the courage  to  spread my wings and  fly to places I’ve never been and  see things I’ve never seen. Oh  the places I go.. Thank goodness for the little things……. Yes,, it’s the  little things in life that help me soar.     Continue reading I LOVE TO SOAR


An angel stands at the entrance to our home. It’s always there. In sunshine, in rain, through every storm. The calm, peaceful look on its face Never changes. Sometimes when I walk past it I think of Clarence, George Bailey’s Guardian Angel in ”It’s a Wonderful Life.” At first George didn’t want to BELIEVE That he had a Guardian Angel. But events changed his mind. I don’t know much about Guardian Angels, Not much at all, But I DO BELIEVE I have one. Like George, events in my life Have convinced me that I do. And it’s comforting to know … Continue reading MY GUARDIAN ANGEL


There’s a chair on my patio. It’s empty. I promise myself That I will sit in it more often Because….. When I sit in the chair I relax And give myself permission To drift into a different state of mind. To shut out the worries of the day. To shut out busy thoughts And take the time…….. To look  up and soak in the beautiful blue sky. And the soft cumulus clouds drifting by. I study the intricate design of the mighty oak tree. I tilt my head back and feel the whisper of a breeze.         … Continue reading EVERYONE HAS AN EMPTY CHAIR


Sometimes when I’m feeling a little mopey, or discouraged, or overwhelmed, or sad, or have been made a victim, I forget that I have….. POWER. But then I remember that I do, indeed, have POWER And it’s right here within me. All I have to do is own it and use it. I have the POWER to make choices. I can say yes.                                                                           … Continue reading I HAVE POWER


What happened to the dreams I had as a child? Dreams that were bigger than life, That reached beyond fences and boundaries and took me to faraway places where there were fantasy adventures and fairytale endings, and I could be whoever I chose to be. O’ when did I stop dreaming like a child? O’ when did I lose my adventurous spirit? As I look back at the way I once dreamed, I long to revive what I lost. I long to awaken the child that’s still in me. I long to dream again like my child once did. Do … Continue reading O’ TO DREAM LIKE A CHILD


I’m older now and change in my life is not easy. Perhaps change is never easy at any age. But as I sit on my bench in the garden I reflect on my life past and present And look ahead to changes I will make. I will do more than exist. I will LIVE. I will do more than look. I will EXAMINE. I will do more than hear. I will LISTEN. I will do more than think. I will REFLECT. I will do more than talk. I will SAY SOMEYHING. I will do more than feel. I will LOVE. Continue reading GARDEN MEDITATION