There are many important things in life, but based on my many years of counseling with individuals it is my conclusion that the ten things that really matter the most to people and give them a sense of contentment, are listed below.  These are the things that were the difference between people who found joy in life and those who did not

  1. YOUR FOCUS:  Be realistic about life.  It’s not going to go on forever.  There will come a time when you will see no more sunrises, no more sunsets.  Therefore, FOCUS on the the things that are the most important — people in general, family and friends in particular.  Be transparent and share your life with them.  Tell them more about WHO YOU ARE and less about what you have done in life.  Leave them with fond memories of THE REAl YOU.
  2. YOUR OPPORTUNITIES:  Don’t just have dreams and hopes, go after all the things you want to do in life while there are opportunities to do so.  It’s never too late.  And if you think opportunities don’t come your way, figure out how to create an opportunity.  It’s possible.  The reality is that when your life expires what you have left undone expires as well.
  3. YOUR GIVING:  Spend more time giving and less time receiving, more time sharing and less time buying and collecting.  People will remember you by what you gave in life, what you built, not by what you owned and collected.
  4. YOUR EXAMPLE;  Live your life in such a way that others will want to follow your example.  Show compassion for others, especially those less fortunate and in need, demonstrate honesty and integrity, look for ways to encourage and inspire those who need a lift in life.  And heres’ the bottom line: learn to love unconditionally.  Love and treat others the same way you would want to be loved and treated.  There is no greater example than that.
  5. YOUR TIME: Focus more of your time on what’s good in life, the positives, the beauty, the little things that mean a lot, and less time on the negatives, the wrongs, the things that don’t really matter.
  6. YOUR SELF-WORTH:  Believe in yourself.  Love yourself.  Don’t deny the fact that you have abilities and interests, because you do.  Take the time to discover and nurture them.  Be real, be genuine. Choose to be who you really are.
  7. YOUR CHOICES:  No matter your situation, you always have choices in life. Sometimes your choice is simply how you’re going to react to something that you have no control over.  Having a choice is a freedom that no one can take away from you. But be wise in what you choose. And remember, you always have the right to say no.
  8. YOUR HEALTH:  Take care of your mind, body and soul. Feed them wisely with good nourishment.  Be disciplined about it and exercise mentally, physically, and spiritually on a consistent basis.  Pay close attention to your needs and be your own advocate to get what you need to maintain your health.
  9. YOUR FORGIVENESS:  Determine who has hurt you in life and be willing to forgive them, to let go.  It will bring healing to you….and perhaps to them (if they know you have forgiven them).  Don’’t take hurts, resentments, anger, and jealousies to the grave with you, especially since you can clear the air while you ae alive, forgive, and have a heart filled with peace.   Even if someone is no longer living, you can still forgive them. It’s your choice.
  10. YOUR SPIRITUALITY:  Your beliefs, your faith, however you define that “someTHING, or “someONe” that inspires you, gives you hope, gives you strength to carry on, helps you through the tough times — this is the fire that gives your life meaning and purpose.  So nurture it and attend to it regularly.



  1. Thank you for sharing this wisdom. I often find that we are pulled so many different directions in life that we simply follow the path of least resistance instead of living life with intentionality. We can not escape the negative but rather must live seeking what we want intentionally through focusing on what matters to gain the most positive from our life.


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