There’s so much to know about smiles.

A study by a French neurologist concluded

that there are two kinds of smiles,

smiling with the mouth

and smiling with the eyes.

Some people can do both, some can’t.

I wonder which I do.

A famous study of yearbooks

discovered that women who had the biggest smiles

went on to lead happier lives.

Hurry and go look at your old yearbook photo.

And what about the guys?

Well….a famous study of baseball cards

found a connection between

how big a player’s smile was

to how long he would eventually live.

The players who smiled the biggest

lived seven years longer

than those who didn’t smile at all.

So, guys, that’s worth a big smile for sure.

A comprehensive study of why people smile

found that 80-90% of all smiles

are not in response to jokes

or something humorous,

rather they are most often in response

to simple things like,

”It was nice meeting you,”

or “How are you doing?”

or “Have a nice day.”

So….your little comments CAN make a difference.

And YOUR SMILE can DEFINITELY make a difference.

Here are some points to ponder.

A smile can make a person’s day.

A smile makes people want to smile back.

Smiles are wonderfully contagious.

They catch on.

They get people going.

Most smiles are started by another smile.

A smile is like a spark that starts a nice fire.

A smile is what makes people feel

comfortable around you.

A smile makes people enjoy

being in your company.

A genuine smile says you care.

So….when you’re deciding what to

wear for the day,

remember to wear a smile.

A smile doesn’t cost you one penny.

It’s free.

So give away as many as you can.

You never know how positively

your smile might affect another person’s life.

A smile is worth more than a thousand words.





  1. Beautiful Dr JoyFinder, I immediately recalled !! The beautiful song entitled “Smile”’ which I Googled, And heard Nat King Cole. (Also Judy Garland) sing its beautiful melody 🎼🎹🎼
    Thank you for your embodiment of your “Smiles”
    Jersey Boy 😎


  2. How I learned to smile more than frown was knowing via my beloved Mother that it takes less muscles to smile. Running to the mirror, I immediately saw her meaning, and so my smiles began. I’m just realizing now that Helen Ruth never specified the mouth or the eye muscles. I guess she wanted me to figure that bit out on my own. The mirror helped do the rest!


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