In the mysterious deep recesses of your mind is a special private place, a safe and secure BANK, where thousands and thousands of wonderful MEMORIES are stored. All the special moments in your life are neatly filed there….forever. Every precious moment you ever experienced. All the people you ever knew. All the hopes you ever had. All the dreams you ever dreamed are there. And by some MIRACLE you can send a signal to that space and instantly RETRIEVE any one of those MEMORIES and RELIVE it. You can pick and choose what you want. Many of the MEMORIES … Continue reading THE MIRACLE OF RETRIEVING YOUR MEMORIES


The mighty hurricane came — powerful, forceful, destructive. Yet in their despair people found things to be thankful for. Beneath the ravagaing storm in the depths of the sea lie precious  pearls. No matter how fierce the storm, the pearls are always there. The mighty storms in life are often similar — powerful, forceful, destructive. It helps to be prepared for them. And to remember that in the depths of every storm raged problem lie precious pearls. When the storms in life come, search for the pearls. They’re always there. Continue reading SEARCH FOR PEARLS AFTER THE STORM


One word that encourages giving. ”PLEASE.” Two words that make giving a pleasure. ”THANK YOU.” Two words that bring healing to relationships. ”I’M SORRY.” Three words that mend broken relationships. ”PLEASE FORGIVE ME.” Three words that reconcile broken relationships. ”I FORGIVE YOU.” Three words that overcome pride and open doors .”I NEED YOU.” Three words that are music to the  ears. ”I LOVE YOU.” Three words that create tears of joy. ”I’M COMING HOME.” Four words that offer encouragement and support. ”LET ME HELP YOU.” Five words that lift the spirits. ”YOU ARE A WONDERFUL PERSON.” Five words that offer … Continue reading SPOKEN WORDS AFFECT LIVES


I’ve heard people say, ”At least she lived a full life.” or ”He’s fortunate.  He had a full life.” Hmmm….it makes me wonder…. What in the world is a FULL LIFE? Some say it’s achieving everything you dreamed of, or…. helping others achieve what they dreamed of, or… having no regrets on your deathbed, or… leaving the world a little better than you found it. A global survey by Abbott asked 2 million people around the world what ONE THING made them feel MOST FULFILLED IN LIFE. Their answers, in order of preference, were… FAMILY, SUCCESS, and HEALTH. Interestingly, SPIRITUALITY … Continue reading LEAVE THEM SOME GOOD MEMORIES


Everyone marvels at how the ugly duckling in The Ugly Duckling story becomes a beautiful swan. But it happens only after the duckling experiences rejection and abandonment. Most of us can identify with the duckling’s pain because we’ve all felt ugly at times, and we’ve experienced rejection. But here’s the catch. The little duckling was never ugly at all. NEVER! He was always beautiful, but no one noticed. No one took the time to notice because they were too busy focusing on what the duckling was NOT…….ugly, on what they thought him to be….ugly. The good news is that in time the … Continue reading THE UGLY DUCKLING WAS NOT UGLY


Humpty DUMPTY sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again. Humpty Dumpty’s life fell apart. Poor Humpty died with his heart broken. Our lives are like that sometimes. We fall completely apart. Our lives get shattered. We go to pieces. We lose it. And it seems like nothing or no one can put us together again. But we don’t have to end up like Humpty. Our shattered lives CAN be put together. Our cracks CAN be mended. Our broken hearts CAN be healed. There’s … Continue reading HUMPTY DUMPTY COULD HAVE HEALED


There’s an old anecdote that goes like this: ”What makes the lamb love Mary so?”’ the curious child asked. ”Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know,” the wise teacher replied. It’s a truism. We tend to love those who first loved us. The lamb loves Mary because Mary first loved the lamb. We respond to someone’s gift of love because it encourages us, comforts us, motivates us, inspires us, makes us feel special and valued No other emotion has such an impact. To be loved inspires us to love back, to give what we have already received. In turn, the … Continue reading MARY LOVES THE LAMB, YOU KNOW


An angel stands at the entrance to our home. It’s always there. In sunshine, in rain, through every storm. The calm, peaceful look on its face Never changes. Sometimes when I walk past it I think of Clarence, George Bailey’s Guardian Angel in ”It’s a Wonderful Life.” At first George didn’t want to BELIEVE That he had a Guardian Angel. But events changed his mind. I don’t know much about Guardian Angels, Not much at all, But I DO BELIEVE I have one. Like George, events in my life Have convinced me that I do. And it’s comforting to know … Continue reading MY GUARDIAN ANGEL