NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF WORDS.ONE WORD that is encouraging:”Yes.”TWO WORDS that are healing:”I’m sorry.”THREE WORDS that are reassuring:”I love you.”FOUR WORDS that are supportive:”Let me help you.”FIVE WORDS that are reconciling:”I’m willing to forgive you.”SIX WORDS that are warm and welcoming:”It’s so good to see you.”SEVEN WORDS that are bonding:”Let me give you a big hug.”EIGHT WORDS that are strengthening:”I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.”NINE WORDS that are a blessing:”May you be blessed with happiness and good health.”TEN WORDS that are inspiring:”May you dream big dreams and may your dreamscome true.”REMEMBER,Words have the POWER to AFFECT lives.Choose them … Continue reading WORDS HAVE POWER TO AFFECT LIVES


One word that encourages giving. ”PLEASE.” Two words that make giving a pleasure. ”THANK YOU.” Two words that bring healing to relationships. ”I’M SORRY.” Three words that mend broken relationships. ”PLEASE FORGIVE ME.” Three words that reconcile broken relationships. ”I FORGIVE YOU.” Three words that overcome pride and open doors .”I NEED YOU.” Three words that are music to the  ears. ”I LOVE YOU.” Three words that create tears of joy. ”I’M COMING HOME.” Four words that offer encouragement and support. ”LET ME HELP YOU.” Five words that lift the spirits. ”YOU ARE A WONDERFUL PERSON.” Five words that offer … Continue reading SPOKEN WORDS AFFECT LIVES