Sometimes I get discouraged.It just happens.Things can seem to be very normal,when all of a sudden it hits.Discouragement…..without warning.It wraps its arms around me….gets a tight grip and squeezes….firmly.It holds me captive.My emotions start to swirl.I go from downheartednessto the depths of dismay…..and back again.I feel down. I want to give up…..give in.I see life through the dark glassesof gloom and despair.The dark nights get long…..and longer,like the dawn will never come.BUT…….the dawn DOES come.And the miracle of LIGHTmakes the darkness disappear.In the middle of the worddisCOURAGEmentis the word COURAGE.COURAGE is the LIGHTthat makes the darknessof discouragement disappear.It takes COURAGE … Continue reading SOMETIMES I GET DISCOURAGED


  In the mysterious deep recesses of your mind is a special private place, a safe and secure BANK, where thousands and thousands of wonderful MEMORIES are stored. All the special moments in your life are neatly filed there….forever. Every precious moment you ever experienced. All the people you ever knew. All the hopes you ever had. All the dreams you ever dreamed are there. And by some MIRACLE you can send a signal to that space and instantly RETRIEVE any one of those MEMORIES and RELIVE it. You can pick and choose what you want. Many of the MEMORIES … Continue reading THE MIRACLE OF RETRIEVING YOUR MEMORIES