There’s an old cheer that goes like this:”Fight, team, fight.Fight with all your might.If you wanna win,Then fight-fight-fight.There’s a lot of truth in that cheer.You can apply it to most things in life.It’s up to you to decidewhat it is you want to fight for.It’s different for each person.It may be a fight for dignity and respect,or your reputation.You may fight for someone you love,or for your rights as a person.You may fight for your own survival,or a cause you believe inMaybe you fight for justice,or to right a wrong.Or perhaps you fight to makeyour dreams come true.Whatever you do…..Don’t … Continue reading FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN


In my garden is a bench. I often sit there and dream. My dreams are my children. I give birth to them and nurture them. In them are my hopes for a better world…. A world where there are MORE WHO SAY IT CAN BE DONE and fewer who say it’s impossible; MORE WHO WORK TO CREATE CHANGE and fewer who sit on the sidelines;  MORE WHO WORK FOR JUSTICE and fewer who don’t care; MORE WHO LOVE and fewer who hate. I think every garden needs a bench   Continue reading GARDEN DREAMS