The secret to a happy life is toturn your NOTS into POSITIVES.Do NOT waste your timeon things beyond your control.Focus only on what you have thepower to do something about.Do NOT try to be like others,or someone you are not.Love yourself. Respect yourself.And be exactly who you are.Do NOT live your whole lifedoing what pleases others.Be kind and do good deeds,but do what’s best for you.Do NOT lose faith whenthings aren’t going your way.Never give up. Always believethat all things are possible.Do NOT let the Yesterdaysweigh you down with burdens.For Today is a brand new dayfilled with new opportunities.Remember,always fill … Continue reading ALWAYS TURN YOUR NOTS INTO POSITIVES


In one of the Charlie Brown cartoons, Charlie says, ”Nobody likes me. Nobody REALLY likes me.” Lucy says, ”I know how you feel, Charlie Brown. You don’t want pity. All you want is a little understanding.” Charlie replies, ”On the contrary, I’ll take all the pity I can get.” One thing about Charlie Brown, he’s honest about his thoughts and feelings. There are no facades,no attempts to look good, no efforts to impress others. He openly expresses what he thinks and feels, and his desire to be liked and appreciated. Charlies Brown is always Charlie Brown. He is who he is— … Continue reading LIKE CHARLIE BROWN, BE YOURSELF