There are many things that causea heart to hurt.It can hurt from unkind words.Disappointment and failurecan be painful experiences.Separation and losscan be heart damaging.Rejection can cause wounds.Mistakes can cause painful regret.Loneliness can bring heartache.Abuse is shattering.Even little things can cause big hurts.But when the heart hurts, even breaks,there are ways to heal it.Remind yourself that a broken heartis not a broken life.It is not a broken dream.A heart filled with pain does notdestroy your inner goodness.It does not destroy your strengthto survive.You are still whole.Remember that the human body,including a hurting heart,is equipped to heal.Allow it to happen.Don’t pick at … Continue reading HOW TO HEAL A HURTING HEART


You have received a gift basketas part of what life offers.Everyone receives the giftbut not everyone uses it.In the basket is everythingyou need to succeed.If you use the items in the basket,they will empower you to fulfill your dreams.As you proceed to use your gift basket,remember that real successis achieving a peace of mindin knowing that you havegiven your very best effortin all that you attempt to do.In the basket are the itemsthat will empower you.A clear vision of what it isyou want to do.Belief in your dream.The interest and desire to achieve it.The courage to try.Confidence in yourself.The abilities … Continue reading YOU HAVE BEEN EMPOWERED TO SUCCEED


For humans, there are three parts to forgiveness.(1) Forgiving a person who has hurt you.(2) Forgiving yourself for wrongs you have done.(3) Seeking forgiveness for hurt you have caused.Forgiveness means to let go of the resentmentand anger toward a person or group who hasin some manner hurt or harmed you.Forgiveness does NOT mean forgettingor excusing the wrong that was done.Rather, it means preventing a person’s actionsfrom destroying your heart and peace of mind.You will be able to forgive when you are able to acceptthe fact that a person is human and makes mistakes.You will be able to forgive when you … Continue reading TO FORGIVE IS TO HEAL


Dad,it’s your dayAnd I’m thinking about youI WISH I HAD THANKED YOU MORE.You worked hard to provideand you did a good job.At the time I didn’t realizewhat an effort it took to workday in and day out to make surewe had the things we needed.I appreciate your many years of hard work.And I now realize that in your own wayyou were always in my corner.It would have been so simpleto say “thank you” more often.I WISH I HAD ASKED YOU MORE QUESTIONS.There are so many thingsI don’t really know about you.Little things about your childhood,your interests, your dreams, you hopes,all … Continue reading DAD and THREE HEARTFELT WISHES


Sometimes I struggle.I don’t always know what it isthat I’m struggling about.I just feel the struggle inside me.I know it sounds crazy butonce when I was really strugglingI looked up the definition to seewhat the dictionary said I was doing.”A struggle is making an effort to dosomething in the face of difficulties.”That definition surprised me.But it gave me a better perspective.I didn’t realize that when I struggleI’m not giving up. I’m not giving in.I’m actually doing SOMETHING.I’m making an effort to do SOMETHINGabout what it is I’m dealing with.That really helped me. Gave me hope.How I face my struggles tells … Continue reading SOMETIMES I STRUGGLE


LIFEYou have been given the gift of LIFE.Open this gift each morning as you awaken andcelebrate it. Give thanks to be blessed with another day.Then consider what gift you can give LIFE.TIMEYou have been given the gift of TIME.Your journey thus far has molded you for good.Go and give of your TIME as a gift to others.No gift is more expensive than your TIME — it’s priceless.Each inch of your TIME is a gift of gold — it’s precious.But your gift of TIME has a time limit — waste not.CREATIVITYYou have been given the gift of CREATIVITY.It comes from being … Continue reading YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN 4 PRICELESS GIFTS


1. Always remember, you are your own main limit.You determine how far you’re going to go todayand how much you’re going to accomplish.2. Look at your past andgive thanks for all the lessons learned.Look at you present and be inspired to growfrom what your past has taught you.3. During your darkest moments,refuse to focus on the dark, search for the light.It’s in the darkness that you see the stars.4. Sometimes you have to give up what is goodand comfortable, take a risk, and go for what is great.Great things rarely come from comfort zones.5. When you’re hoping for things to … Continue reading 10 IMPORTANT THOUGHTS TO START YOUR DAY